Wire storage products come in attractive, various finishes

Our services include superior and the finest quality of wire storage shelves of as any size, category, or finishes, but we also provide exclusive accessories that will facilitate your shelving parts more useful such as casters, liners, etc. Such accessories give added value and provide different functionality such as mobility, so our products are used as multi-purpose transportation devices. By not having missed a deadline in decades, we pride ourselves for our racks never failed under loads of assessed weight. The reason for durability of our wire shelving is in added corner guards that tend to keep the heavy items and bulk packages to prevent any damages to your goods, even during transportation.

Therefore, our added value to storage products outweighs more than half of our competitors in this market segment in the form of special features that have been built in during design and manufacturing process and further highlighted in post-sales support. Also, our organization services include technical consulting with our specialists, project management planning, tracking, and budgeting options, helped by our crew members architects and constructors. We have the passion to carry out every single project at a highest professional level and attention to detail. Therefore, we utilize Auto Cad industry leader software package to propose several feasible options for the project and render you the best possible results to choose from.

For your light weight packages and items, there are wire storage shelving kits perfect for “do it yourself” set up which includes all needed hardware tools, such as liners, casters, posts, shelves, and screws. No additional tools are required, and all requirements are wrapped in one parcel box for more cost-effective shipping costs. The 300 to 400 lbs. Would be the full load per wire shelf which main intention is to house mostly residential clients’ storage essentials such as lighter weight goods and items.

It is easy to put together wire shelf, which allows adjustments and additional shelves at every inch of the vertical posting to ensure the optimal fit for your inventory needs. There are bright chrome finishes, stainless steel, or endurance, which makes these shelving units the great storage solution for any commercial, office, warehouse or home application. Each of our wire panels has a two-step phosphate wash with a quick coat finish for added protection against corrosion, strength, and durability.

On our website, you can find more information organized into tables to jump to relevant data regarding your particular interest and space that you have available for storage at home or office. Some sections, however, contain kits images, or links to pdf files for download that give you even more technically detailed information about our wire storage products. For quick additional questions and consultation, you can use our contact form online, phone, twitter or chat messages during business hours just by activating the button at the appropriate place on your screen.