Open and closed storage shelving

By adding wire storage shelves, you can increase your storage space by multifold. To choose the best wire storage shelves for you, please think through what you want to place and where you will be putting the shelves. Wire storage shelving units come in two major options as opened or closed, where the first has closed shelving has a back, while open shelving does not. Open wire shelving will be a great storage solution for garage or bathroom, for example, shelving while closed shelving is better suited for books and knickknacks.

Further along, there is a mountable choice of shelving units which are attached to a wall, a design that saves up a lot of floor space. Nevertheless, shelving units fixed to the wall typically have not been designed to accommodate as much weight as self-supporting shelves standing on the floor. Mobile wire shelving units that have the wheel with brakes are used for transportation as well as storage – there are rubber casters that do not support much weight and the hard plastic ones. Storage shelves with plastic casters are dense and hard to roll over rubble without damaging the rotational wheel as they are intended for indoor use.

Wire shelves are made from a variety of materials and overlay finishes, including metal, chrome and stainless steel. In opposition, shelving units made of wood can be the attractive solution for usage in a living room or bedroom but are not very convenient if you tend to move often since they are relatively easy to get damaged. Wire storage shelves made of metal are heavy duty type and are an excellent choice for long-term storerooms and garages for bulk or heavy loads, although some wire decking cannot hold very small objects.

If you are purchasing a wire storage product that we already have in stock, your order will go through processing and usually ship out to your designated address the very same day if you order it before 2-3pm, or else the next business day. Once your storage unit is shipped, you can typically suppose it to arrive between two to ten business days depending on your residential or office location. Also, if the wire shelving has been shipped by our partner vendor, you will be able to track the shipping time listed at the product tools underwire shelving section of the page.

To accommodate your varying storing needs, you will be able to add as many shelves as you want, or that can fit on the posts. Each post is one inch typically in height and width varies from seven to 36 inches depending on its intended use. Therefore, just make sure to have enough vertical space for all items you desire to store. We deliver individual shelves together with shelf fasteners that you can add or remove from your wire shelving unit. For example to achieve economies of scale we have in our offer four shelf consumer grade wire shelving unit, that is all packed into one box.