Many uses and perceptions of wire storage shelves

wire storage shelves can brand your home and make it shine. To add style, efficiency and creativity to your interior design and surprise your guests where you found your home have stuff at. People perceive wire shelves at face value and associate their functionality in your basement or garage, which is true our wire storage units do great for those purposes.  But there is much more than that what you can achieve in every room of your household, by using our different kitchen, bathroom or living room shelving kits, fashionably designed.

On the other end, wire shelving solutions are very affordable and friendly to your wallet, and even could be used as a shoe rack or storage area, in general. All our kits come with hardware and tools needed, such as posts, casters, liners, etc. so you won’t need any special skills to complete and give an exquisite look of your home. As an example, we can share what one of our amazing customers did by taking our shelves to the next level to suit his particular needs and stock them with pizzazz. To make them mobile and use them for transport he added an entire entertainment center, with casters, numerous wire shelving kits, added casters were compiling a tower shelf for video games and DVDs, in a unique way.

There is an overall perception that is wrong that wire storage shelves can get fragile and crack under pressure, which usually comes from thinking of shelves as plastic made. Sometimes this perception is correct because that is what you usually find in general stores, so they exist. People do not pay that much attention to wire shelves because of misjudged information about their features, in the long term. We are here to set the record straight and confirm that there are some of the shelves not being manufactured with great quality. Our wire storage shelves are nothing alike, on the other hand, they are durable, with great finishes and can withstand up to the toughest storage needs.

Our website displays image and product descriptions that give you all relevant information to make the best choice. All things come in chrome metal finishes, and our wire shelving asserts one of the highest weight rated loads in the industry. An amazing 800 lbs. of evenly distributed weight is so much as to fit two gorillas on a single rack. If you do that, please make sure to take and share a picture with us, because that would make us very happy. As much as this statement is original and also very right, we wanted to re-assure you that our shelves are not even close to being fragile, but they are built to last with the material they are made from is heavy-duty metal.

Also, there is always much more you can accomplish with our multi-purpose racks if you add various accessories and combine different shapes according to your home needs. Depending on the type of household you live in and imagination this will essentially add value to wire shelves to your style, efficiency, and comfort to your home.