Different types of wire storage shelves

You can combine and match different wire storage shelves to create the perfect shelving unit for your particular needs and then change it again later. We offer the whole lot from basket shelves to wine wire storage shelves, with many more forms and styles to suit your taste and preferences. By giving you more freedom to match the design that you exactly prefer, to accommodate your specific storage needs and household interior design, you can add any number of shelves at inch distance posts. If you have any dilemma or question, to contact us, you can use our online web form, twitter, telephone or even live chat on the left-hand side of our website during business hours, Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm.

Our unique wire shelves could be attached to the back posts or hang freely outward to the front. That makes them great for the purpose of creating your design, such as custom bakers’ stands or kitchen storage posts. To make your custom shelving unit, you can easily combine them with flat wire shelving and chrome round posts for example. We also have pre-assembled our most popular units that support wine bottles in the horizontal position for all of our wine connoisseurs and wine to maintain its taste the best. To create your particular custom wine storage rack you can mix those flat wire shelves units with wine bottle shelves, to achieve greater mix.

When you do not have enough storage room except for that one minor corner in a room, we provide you with our different wire shelves to that corner place. Our triangle wire shelving has been manufactured and designed to fit the corners of every room, so that you can exploit your storage space to the fullest, without losing any idle space in your room. You will save not only time and money but also space all in one cool storage product. They are just as strong and long lasting as our standard wire shelving, and these shelves require you to fit them with three chrome posts.

Furthermore, you can consult with our specialists to use very exquisite radius wire shelves in that precise corner to not only gain storage space without taking up the usable space but also to add elegance and ambient to your room. The beauty of our products is that you can create as many corner shelves as you want, just by adding three chrome posts and get those corner wires shelving ready for installation. We strive for all our products to meet and exceed your expectations, at more affordable prices and according to the architectural master specification, which further provides an effective and inexpensive approach to your storage area organization and separation or inventories.

Our most popular finish style is chrome, so we make sure to keep plenty of this type or wire shelves in stock in our warehouses across the country.